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Here is your opportunity to compare prostate cancer treatments. In an ongoing study, over 129,000 patients underwent PSA monitoring following treatment. This testing provides graphical data on which treatments were most effective at keeping patients in remission, (prostate cancer free), and for how many years following treatment. Remember, you have a choice in treatment!

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Disclaimer: Prostate Cancer Treatment Results will vary from person to person.


Top Ten Steps - Fight Prostate Cancer

Learn the Top Ten Steps, a guide through knowledge about the prostate, prostate cancer, diagnosis and treatment. Watch our video, introducing Edward Weber, MD. and hear his advice to men just diagnosed with prostate cancer. Get expert advice for your fight against Prostate Cancer.



Prostate Cancer

What is Prostate Cancer?

What is Prostate Cancer, the Symptoms, Risk Factors? What does the Prostate do, where is it located?

Prostate Cancer Tests and Diagnostics

Prostate Cancer Recurrence.

For Some, Cancer Returns After Treatment.  Compare Treatments. Increase Your Odds of Remaining in Remission.

Prostate Cancer Treatments

Treating Prostate Cancer.

Patients have options when it comes to the prostate cancer treatments. Learn about your treatment options.


The Prostate Cancer Free Foundation is here to help you quickly learn about the prostate gland, cancer of the prostate, prostate cancer treatments and treatment side effects. If you are recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, you have a choice in your prostate cancer treatment. If diagnosed early, there are many options. The decision can be more complicated for patients with more advanced disease where the risk of cancer relapse is greatly increased. Relapse or recurrence is the return of cancer, requiring additional treatment.  This website features information to help you determine which prostate cancer treatments are the most successful at eliminating localized cancer.  Increase the odds of remaining prostate cancer free for the rest of your life.

When prostate cancer is discovered early, the risk of relapse of recurrence can be low.  But if you have been diagnosed with cancer that has spread, or is more aggressive, you may fall into the Intermediate to High Risk Group.  For men in these groups, choosing the best treatment, or combination of treatments provides the best chance to remain in remission following treatment.   Recurrence is discovered by regularly scheduled PSA blood tests, at established intervals following treatment.  Prostate Cancer Free offers a study comparing the different prostate cancer treatment outcomes for over 129,000 men, highlighting which men remained in remission and for how many years.  See which treatments are most likely to keep men in remission, with no return of cancer. 

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Remission versus Recurrence?

Relapse of prostate cancer is way more common than you might think. Many men treated for prostate cancer have their cancer return, which can lead to a lifetime of treatment. Prostate Cancer Free studies treatment outcomes documented in "The STUDY", recently updated for 2021. Take this Study to your doctor, and discuss your chance of cancer recurrence. The Study is available with the new, just released booklet, to help you learn about prostate cancer. Both the Prostate Cancer Free Study and the booklet, “What You Need to Know About Prostate Cancer” are available NOW for you to VIEW, PRINT or DOWNLOAD.

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The Prostate Cancer Free Foundation, reviews the results of hundreds of thousands of men treated for prostate cancer. Tracking them for years. This information is available to you, and others like you, to help find the best prostate cancer treatment. This work takes time, effort, resources all of it done by volunteers. Please help us continue. Please Donate!