When it comes to “pain management”, most people automatically think of over the counter medications.  They take the prescribed dose, the medication goes to work, and the pain is managed; often times it is short-lived, and they can move on from it.  But, for many people who suffer from chronic pain, it is forever in the fore front, as a constant companion, making it difficult to manage.

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For many chronic pain sufferers, there can be some very real dangers when trying to manage their pain:

  1. Taking more than the prescribed dose-it can be tempting, but there is a real danger of overdose, which can be fatal. In recent years, there has been a rise in overdose deaths from prescription opioid painkillers.
  2. Mixing and matching medications- many people will save mediations they receive from previous injuries or illnesses. Taking those medications, in addition to currently prescribed ones, can be a deadly combination.  The compounding effects, or the interactions they can have could cost you your life.
  3. Combining alcohol with pain medications- this combination can be a very dangerous one. Both substances slow your breathing, and can have a compounding effect when combined.
  4. Desperate Measures- Some chronic pain sufferers, even in passing, may have thought about taking their own life. It is important to talk to your doctor regularly, especially if you have had any suicidal thoughts.

Knowing the dangers that can be associated with chronic pain, and knowing when to seek help, can make all the difference.