The study is called the Global Action Plan 4 Global Prostate Cancer (GAP4), and will include more than 150 researchers from around the world.  The clinical trial will be looking to see if exercise can improve cancer symptoms and delay the disease’s progression. The study will use high-intensity aerobic and resistance training, combined with psychological support.  This collaborative effort will be funded by the Movember Foundation. The goal is to enroll 866 prostate cancer patients in Europe, North America, and Australia, and the study that will last over three years.  This will be a randomized control study, with 2 arms- one that will receive the exercise intervention as well as behavioral and psychosocial support. The other control arm- will receive the psychosocial support only.  The GAP4 steering committee is finalizing the protocol and documentation, so the study should begin soon.

You can read the entire story here: “Global Study Will See if Exercise Can Improve Prostate Cancer Patients’ Survival.”