Facing a cancer diagnosis can be tough to handle as a couple.  It’s safe to assume that a prostate cancer diagnosis will be stressful for any relationship.  The possible unwanted changes that can occur before, during, or after treatment can be very trying, and couples often find themselves unprepared to handle them.

Perhaps a relationship tune-up is in order for couples about to face the realities of living with prostate cancer.  In the middle of coping with the possibility of receiving a prostate cancer diagnosis and the stress associated with weighing the different treatment decisions, it’s easy to dismiss the notion of a relationship tune-up.

Some couples, looking back in retrospect, say that perhaps a relationship tune-up would have saved them a lot of unnecessary relational misery and suffering.  Some couples have the skills and ability to do it themselves, while others may require professional help to cope.  Here are some key questions to ask yourself if deciding between the do-it-yourself route, or seeking the help of a professional:

  • What was the state of you relationship before the cancer diagnosis? Were you both happy?
  • Do you as a couple have a history of successfully navigating highly stressful events or crisis situations together?
  • When conflicts arise in your relationship, how do you handle them? Can you resolve them without blaming, being hostile, name-calling, etc.?
  • Do you feel closer to each other as you deal with crisis, stress, and conflict? Do you lean on one another?
  • Does the idea of ending your relationship come to mind when facing conflict?

These are just a few questions to consider when deciding which route to take; if you as a couple possess the skills and the ability to attempt a tune-up by yourself, or if a little professional help is needed.  At any rate, a relationship tune-up might be a good idea before starting the prostate cancer journey.

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