Get the Study: Updated for 2021

Includes Booklet: What You Need to Know About Prostate Cancer

An ongoing study compares outcomes for over 129,000 men who have undergone Prostate Cancer Treatment.  This study provides information on how many patients remain in remission, (prostate cancer free), and for how many years following treatment.

Relapse or recurrence of prostate cancer is more common than you might think. Men diagnosed with prostate cancer need information on the options, to understand which treatment might be best for them. Review the study to learn about your chances to remain in remission.

No man wants to be treated for prostate cancer, only to have their cancer return. The study shows which patients remain in remission, five, ten, even fifteen years following treatment. Share the Study with your Doctor and ask how to minimize your chance for cancer recurrence.

Make an informed decision about your treatment.

Our 30+ page Study PLUS a link to our new 40+ page Booklet: “What you Need to Know About Prostate Cancer”. Both are online to view, print or download.

With a donation of your choosing, you will receive a link to the 2021 Update of the Prostate Cancer Free Study along with our new booklet, “What You Need to Know About Prostate Cancer” .

This effort is unprecedented in medical literature.  We believe this work will be used as a standard reference as patients, their families and physicians look to determine appropriate options for prostate cancer therapy.

Dr. Peter Grimm

Founder, Prostate Cancer Research Study Group

Compare treatment outcomes, discuss with your family and Doctor.

Get Your Copy: Updated for 2021

After completion of the donation form, you will receive a link to the 2021 Update of the Prostate Cancer Free Study along with our new booklet, “What You Need to Know About Prostate Cancer” .

The Study is delivered in a thirty-plus page PDF file, that you can view, print or download to your computer. OUTCOMES of PROSTATE CANCER PATIENTS, just like you, across the different treatments.   Which percent of men remained in remission and for how many years.  See how the percentages change over the years.  Thanks to the Prostate Cancer Results Study Group, an international team of doctors, specializing in prostate cancer, you can have their knowledge summarized in one document. This up to date research spans treatment of almost 130,000 patients over more than 15 years. The research covers the most common treatments for low, intermediate and high risk prostate cancer patients.

When you receive the Prostate Cancer Free Study, you will also receive access to just released 40 plus page booklet, “What You Need to Know About Prostate Cancer”. This book, available for online viewing, printing, or download, describes prostate cancer, how it is diagnosed, the treatments available, and much more. 

Both the Prostate Cancer Free Study and the booklet, “What You Need to Know About Prostate Cancer” are available NOW for you to VIEW, PRINT or DOWNLOAD.

Prostate Cancer Study

R. Alex Hsi, M.D. describes a tool to compare the effectiveness of different treatments for men diagnosed with prostate cancer. We strongly recommend that you take a copy of these treatment comparisons as you meet with Doctors and specialists to facilitate an open discussion about your treatment options. Once you obtain your copy of the results above, print a copy or take your laptop, tablet or phone with you for your discussion with different Doctors. Then together with your family and doctor, you can make the best treatment decision for you.

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The Prostate Cancer Free Foundation, reviews the results of hundreds of thousands of men treated for prostate cancer. Tracking them for years. This information is available to you, and others like you, to help find the best prostate cancer treatment. This work takes time, effort, resources all of it done by volunteers. Please help us continue. Please Donate!