For many prostate cancer patients, their greatest battle with cancer came after treatment. You can read the full article here: “Why the Fiercest Battle with Cancer Frequently Occurs After Treatment.”

These men are living with a host of quality-of-life issues following their prostate cancer treatments.  Many of these issues include physical side effects such as Urinary Leakage, Erectile Dysfunction, Bowel problems, Lower Libido/Decreased Sex Drive, Trouble Sleeping, and others…but they can also include other non-physical side effects.  Some of these may be Distressing Thoughts/Fears, Marital Tension or Increased Fighting, “Lost Manhood”, Divorce/Breakup, and Financial Problems (due to missed work or treatment costs.)

All of these side effects brings about a key point when prostate cancer patients are facing all of the different treatment options.  Sure cancer control/elimination is the main goal of treatment, but you also have to look beyond that and determine which quality-of-life issues you can live with and those you can’t.  “Doing your homework” and educating one’s self is a very important step when researching all of your options…seek a second and even a third opinion. Multiply opinions can give you a much clearer picture of which treatment is right for you.  Be sure to ask about all aspects of the treatment, including all possible side effects, and which ones you are more likely to suffer from.  Some preexisting health conditions prior to treatment can increase your risk of certain side effects.  For example, a patient’s sexual function prior to treatment can have a large influence on post-treatment potency.  Every patient is unique and everyone’s situation is different, so what works for one patient, may not be right for someone else.