Dr. Cassio Pellizzon

Dr. Cassio Pellizzon graduated in Medicine (1987), with a Masters in Oncology (2000) and Doctor of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo, Brazil (2004).

After “fellowship” in the MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, Texas and Cornell University, New York, did his training in Brachytherapy High and Low Dose Rate on Veteran Affairs, University of Washington and Seattle Prostate Institute – SPI in Seattle.

Acts as medical radiation oncologist at the Foundation Antonio Prudente, since 1993, where he is Head of Brachytherapy Service since 1998. It also operates in Institute Arnaldo Vieira de Carvalho since 1993.

He introduced High Dose Rate Brachytherapy technique for prostate tumors in Brazil, with emphasis on researching the use of brachytherapy in head and neck cancers and soft tissue sarcomas.

Other issues in coordinating research include: invasive radiotherapy (brachytherapy), external radiotherapy and conformal radiotherapy with modulated intensity of the beam (IMRT).

Dr. Cassio Pellizzon is considered as a member of advisory board of the INTERNATIONAL ATOMIC ENERGY AGENCY, based in Vienna, Austria

Treats: Both Adults and Children & Adolescents

Biographical Sketch: Dr. Pellizzon serves as a reviewer for various medical journals and is a member of various medical societies. His primary research interests are prostate cancer, head and neck and soft tissue cancers. He also has special interest in innovative radiation modalities. He has participated in numerous in-house, pharmaceutical and cooperative group trials.

Professional Highlights: Head of the Brachytherapy Service at the Department of Radiation Oncology Former Residency Program Director for Department of Radiation Oncology Specialty Interests Prostate & Head and Neck cancer, Ocular Tumors, Gynecological Cancer, Soft Tissues Sarcomas and Radiosurgery

Awards & Honors: 37ª Jornada Paulista de Radiologia – Best Oral Presentation – Salvage high dose rate brachytherapy for prostate câncer. Technique and Results from UCLA, Califórnia, San Francisco. Morikawa L; Roach M; Lee B; Pellizzon ACA; Hsu IC.Sao Paulo, Brazil. April 12-15, 2007.

Brazilian Radiotherapy Society 2004 – Radiotherapy for advanced head and neck tumors with concomitant boost technique- results and toxicity. , Sao Paulo, Brasil, Octber, 2004.

CRILA (Ibero-American Radiotherapy Society ) 2002.

Siemens Oncology Prize, Campos do Jordao, Brasil SIOP International Society of Pediatric Oncology 1999 Low and High Dose rate Brachytherapy in Pediatric Oncology, Montevideo, Uruguay.

CRILA ((Ibero-American Radiotherapy Society) 1996 The best paper in Brachytherapy: Peliminary results of randomized trial for treatment of IIIb cervical cancer with HDR & LDR brachytherapy

Clinical Trials: External Beam Radiotherapy, Fractionated Radiotherapy, Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), Immunotherapy, Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Intraoperative Radiation Therapy, Radiation Sensitizers, Radiation Therapy

Treats:Gynecologycal & Breast cancer, Soft tissue sarcomas Proste Brachytherapy – High Dose rate & Low Dose rate Head and Neck cancer – IMRT, 3D, Brachytherapy, Salvage Therapy -Soft Tissues Sarcomas -Brachytherapy for Lung & Breast Cancer -Malignant Bone Tumors -Malignant Gliomas -Melanoma External Beam Radiotherapy & Palliative Brachytherapy -Metastatic Bone Tumors -Metastatic Cancer -Skull Base Cancer

Languages Spoken: -English -Spanish -Portuguese

Office Location: Edificio Itapeva One Rua Itapeva no. 26 conjunto 807, 8º Andar, Cerqueira Cesar, São Paulo, Capital.

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