It’s a simple fact anatomical fact that women will never have to worry about receiving their own prostate cancer diagnosis.  Prostate cancer has long been referred to as a “man’s disease,” one must not overlook the burden that is shared by the patient’s partner.  A diagnosis of prostate cancer affects the man, and everyone who loves him.

Most partners naturally assume the role of caregiver.  They are the ones a lot of the time who manage doctor appointments, accompany the man to doctor visits, make sure their loved one is happy in the best possible health, and generally keep family and friends updated.  These added stressors take their toll, especially when that caregiver has to provide additional emotional support for their loved one, and in some instances may not get any in return.

The added stressors of side effects can also be hard to deal with.  Watching your loved one go through an array of side effects that can include increased fatigue, major urinary and bowel changes, and significant sexual side effects can make it hard for couples to cope.

It’s important to remember that partners of prostate cancer patients need to take care of themselves too both physically and emotionally.  Otherwise, it’s impossible to care for someone else when you put yourself on the back burner.

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