The fear of recurrence weighs heavily on the minds of every cancer survivor, some more than others.  For some it can be an overwhelming fear experienced on a daily basis, and for others, less frequent.  For many patients, recurrence anxiety strikes most often around the time they are due to see their doctor.  Suddenly, a typical back ache, isn’t just a back ache….could it be a symptom of the return of prostate cancer? Symptoms that the prostate cancer may have spread can include bone and back pain, a loss of appetite.

For some, there are some lessons to be learned from cancer survivorship:

  • Cancer is a gift that keeps giving in ways you wish you could decline
  • There are specific symptoms that require you to seek medical attention.
  • Any sudden life-changing symptom is a reminder that your status of good health can be fragile and temporary.
  • Cancer survivorship is stressful because of both real and imagined difficulties.

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