Prostate Cancer Patient Work Sheet

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We offer a Prostate Cancer Patient Work Sheet to help you track your fight against prostate cancer. Your path can take many turns as you navigate through tests required to confirm the cancer, diagnosis, monitoring progression, treatment options, side effects and life after treatment.

Once diagnosed with prostate cancer, prostate cancer patients can choose treatment a range of treatment options all with different outcomes or patient results. The number of treatment options and outcomes will increase the more advanced the prostate cancer as the probability increases that the cancer is no longer localized, or has spread beyond of the prostate.

When selecting a course of action, consultations are recommended with a urologist, (surgeon), radiation oncologist, (perhaps one skilled in EBRT or brachytherapy) and medical oncologist. Different treatments have different results and side effects. Take the time to understand the impact each treatment on your prostate cancer. Learn the impact on your quality of life after treatment, especially related to incontinence and impotence. During your consultation with each specialist, ask for their treatment recommendation. Ask about the probability of remaining prostate cancer free after treatment.

Prostate Cancer Patient Work Sheet

Prostate Cancer Work Sheet

View, print or download your copy now and take it with you to each doctor visit.

Remission versus Recurrence?

Relapse of prostate cancer is way more common than you might think. Many men treated for prostate cancer have their cancer return, which can lead to a lifetime of treatment. Prostate Cancer Free studies treatment outcomes documented in "The STUDY", recently updated for 2021. Take this Study to your doctor, and discuss your chance of cancer recurrence. The Study is available with the new, just released booklet, to help you learn about prostate cancer. Both the Prostate Cancer Free Study and the booklet, “What You Need to Know About Prostate Cancer” are available NOW for you to VIEW, PRINT or DOWNLOAD.

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The Prostate Cancer Free Foundation, reviews the results of hundreds of thousands of men treated for prostate cancer. Tracking them for years. This information is available to you, and others like you, to help find the best prostate cancer treatment. This work takes time, effort, resources all of it done by volunteers. Please help us continue. Please Donate!